The Scrooge Awards

Notes from a lot of viewings of Christmas Carol adaptations

scroogeawards.pngI saw way more versions of A Christmas Carol than I could include in the Ebenezer Scrooge episode, so here, briefly, are some awards.

As mentioned in the episode:

  • Favorite adaptation: 1971 cartoon.
  • Best Scrooge: Alastair Sim, 1951

As for the rest?

  • Could have been the best Scrooge if there weren't a punchline after every line he says: Michael Caine, Muppets
  • Worst Scrooge: Taylor Holmes, this really awful 1949 TV version where everyone's American except Bob Crachit, and everyone looks like they hate themselves, including Vincent Price, who is narrating.
  • Worst Scrooge who's actually trying (like really, really trying): Albert Finney, 1970 musical. Guys, he's 34 years old when he plays Scrooge. I just don't care for the hunch and facial contrition and vocal croaking he does to seem old and miserly. At all.
  • Best ghosts: (tie) 1971 animated cartoon and the Muppets Christmas Carol. There's something magical about seeing adaptations freed from human actors to portray the spirits.
  • Worst ghosts: 1935 version. A Marley who says "Only you can see me" because he's invisible to us, the audience; a Past who's just a light effect; and a Future who's just a shadow. Tsk tsk tsk.
  • Best Bob Crachit: 1935 version. But the performances in the 1935 version are so so good.
  • Best duck: Scrooge McDuck. Very good at being wickedly mean and still funny.
  • What about Scrooged?: I thought it was very funny in parts, and didn't care for the movie all that much. Especially the hostage situation at the end…
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