Jaws: Amity Island Welcomes You

74 minutes

This episode, a deep dive into the 45 year old proto-blockbuster that has dominated the conversation in this lost pandemic summer - Jaws.

That deep dive takes us to the island where Jaws was shot, Martha's Vineyard, as well as Nantucket, the nearby island where Jaws might have been shot if snow hadn't forced the ferry Production Designer Joe Alves was on to turn back towards the mainland.  

Along the way, we'll meet father and son authors who both turned their off-islander experiences into hit Hollywood movies - We'll consider how Universal Studios Orlando tricked me into thinking Jaws was set in California - We'll reconcile our preconceived notions of the Vineyard as a rich person's playground with the fact that the island was chosen because it was lower-middle class enough to pass for economically vulnerable Amity Island - And we'll celebrate the performances of islanders, with special focus on Lee Fierro's work as grieving mother Mrs. Kintner.

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