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Wil Williams, Wil Willaims Reviews

“I'm from the literal opposite of New England, but the fantastic analysis of each icon is accessible and absolutely brilliant. If you're a fan of the film The VVitch, I can't recommend their episode on it enough.”

Calen Cross, Bello Collective

“ICONography exists at the intersection between art, history, perception, truth, and myth, and it deconstructs all of these things to help us understand how we see the world as we do.”

Elena Fernandez-Collins, Discover Pods

"Host Charles Gustine creates beautiful audio about historical icons and their presence in our modern-day world. Gustine digs deep into those icons that we all know and around which much of modern understanding revolves."

About the show

How do we understand the places we visit (and even the places we’ve never been)? As a shorthand, we use agreed-upon touchstones - famous places, famous people famous foods, and, of course, dreams. Dreamed-up people and dreamed-up places and dreamed-up things. This podcast looks at a culture's icons - real and imagined - to see what they say about the culture itself, as well as the outsiders who've elevated those icons above all others.

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This show is iconic

"In my mind there is a show where an icon is discussed with reference to its location in an incredibly cursory and uninteresting way. This? This is not that show. Charles quite literally explores every avenue, every nook and cranny, and presents the listener with a very robust and engaging story."

T.H. Ponders


"One part educational and one part entertaining with just a touch (or maybe more than a touch) of quirkiness... it's everything I could want in a podcast."

Patty Manecci

Impressive new (to me) show

"I can't get past the fact that this podcast is done by only one person. Really well-done."

Paul Kondo

About the Hosts

Charles Gustine

Charles Gustine


Charles Gustine writes, edits, and produces Iconography, which he began in November 2016 while living in London. It was a way of processing all the icons he was learning odd and wonderful things about.

Carol Zall

Carol Zall


Carol Zall edits scripts and provides story feedback for Iconography. She has worked as a producer and reporter at public radio program ‘The World’ and its spinoff podcast about language, ‘The World in Words’. Prior to working at The World, Carol lived in Scotland and worked for the BBC making TV and radio programs in their Gaelic department.

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